Teaching Shakespare to...toddlers?

This is not a review, per say, but it's praise for a book for parents of young children who want to teach them....Shakespeare?

Ken Ludwig, a prolific, respected, widely renown and award-winning playwright, has penned a book titled "How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare." I've read it and believe me, he hardly talks down to readers as though he's a Shakespearean scholar talking to students pursuing their Ph.D in British literature. Through repetition of words, explanations of what they mean ad practice sheets, Ludwig instructs parents how to engage their children in the Bard's poetic, vivid language. The goal: For them to become life-long lovers of the great playwright/poet and speak some of his most quoted phrases like it's second nature. Shakespeare imparted so much wisdom about human nature, feelings and emotions in his plays and if they start at an early age, they'll be able to turn to Shakespeare to express their own emotions. To learn how one mother decided to interest her 4-year-old daughter in the Bard, visit Ludwig's Facebook page.